Sunday, May 12, 2013

Exact Duplicate File Detector

What is the exact duplicate file detector? It is a software to remove the headache duplicate files in our PC. There is a lot of software in the internet and easy to find. Just want to try this as doing this will ease my jobs and files in the PC are manageable in a proper way.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Phasing Sticks or Digital Voltmeter 11kV & 33kV

Phasing Sticks or Digital Voltmeter 

Phasing stick is used in high voltage installation for phase testing between two terminals before connection is made. It is also used as a voltage indicator for 11kV installation. 

Main component 

  1. Live Conductor Tester
  2. Phasing Rod
  3. Proving Unit 
  4. Extension Rod
  5. Test leads 
  6. Casing 
Which brand is better? Seawards or Transcat?

Above is the video on how they use the phasing sticks.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vegaflex 86

Level measurement up to +450 °C with new guided wave radar VEGAFLEX 86
Refractory ceramic and stainless steel combined with the latest level measurement technology –
that’s the new VEGAFLEX 86. Developed for extreme industrial applications, this GWR sensor
measures liquids safely and reliably up to an operating temperature of +450 °C and a process
pressure of 400 bar.

Master of all classes
VEGAFLEX 86 is ideal for level and interface measurement of liquids. It delivers accurate and reliable
results even in extreme temperatures from -196 to +400 °C and process pressures from -1 to +400
bar – in steam boilers as well as in bypass tubes or standpipes. Thanks to its ability to measure
products with a minimum dielectric constant of 1.4 and higher, its application range is virtually

Product selection and setup made easy
The versions with cable, rod or coaxial probe and standard process connections such as threads from
G1½ A (1½ NPT) and flanges from DN 50 (2") allow installation on any container or tank. The
electronics versions are 4 ... 20 mA/HART, Modbus, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus – to
ensure simple connection to any process control system. In addition, the single and double chamber
housings of plastic, aluminum and stainless steel make it possible to create an instrument version
suitable for any process environment.

Setup wizards and new, intelligent signal processing functions also facilitate setup and commissioning
and ensure stable, accurate readings. Since it was developed according to
IEC 61508, the sensor meets the requirements of SIL2 and SIL3, when deployed in homogenous
redundancy. A welded, gas-tight feed through (Second Line of Defense) brings additional safety to
facilities handling hazardous materials. Last but not least, the standard approvals for explosion
protection in gas and dust, for example ATEX and FM, round out the selection options.

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