Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Best Practices in Plant Piping Systems – Design, Operation & Maintenance

This course was organized by Centre for Management Technology and I was informed by them through their newsletter. Best Practices in Plant Piping Systems - Design, Operation and Maintenance will covered scope:

1) Design base- service conditions
2) Plant piping specifications
3) Applicable ASME code and industry guide
4) Industry best practice and applications
5) Operating strategies
6) Review of requirements of API 570
7) Operator Competencies Requirements
8) Maintenance practice and procedures
9) Maintenance and inspection
10) Maintenance repair
11) Review and Q&A

This 2 days course will be held in Berjaya Langkawi Beach and SPA Resort Langkawi 29-30th May 2008. 1 person will be charged at RM2,995.00. I am not sure whether this course is suitable or not in instrumentation field. Anyway, for those who has information more about this can sharing with us here.

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