Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crowcon Hydrogen Leakage Detector Monitoring System - Flamgard Exe

Crowcon Hydrogen Sensor - 96HD

Crowcon Hydrogen Panel Rack

Crowcon Hydrogen Panel Display

Crowcon Hydrogen Panel (Back)

Hydrogen is highly explosive gas. All of the 7 Hydrogen detectors in our Electro Chlorination Plant (ECP) are using Crowcon Hydrogen monitoring system.

A situation lead to an extremely dangerous explosive condition if one of the ECP streams were to develop a leak and Hydrogen concentration in the building reached above the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).

Recommended Action when the alarm appeared:

  1. Troubleshoot the reason why the detectors give an alarm. If the detectors are functioning correctly, there should not be any spurious alarms. There would not normally be Hydrogen present in sufficient quantities.
  2. Zero the detectors using compressed air and calibrate using a suitable Hydrogen calibration gas.
  3. Uninhibit the Hydrogen detection input channels and restore the system to normal operation.
Anyone that using this system facing some problems? Is this equipment Crowcon very reliable at your plant? Post and share here.

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