Thursday, November 20, 2008

Levelflex M FMP45 - ABKASJB23A2A To Be Installed at HP Heater No.8

Levelflex M FMP45 - ABKASJB23A2A To Be Installed at Hp Heater No.8

Levelflex M FMP45 - ABKASJB23A2A

Level measurement, guided radar.
High pressure/high temperature.
Application: mainly liquids.
Ideal to measure in bypass/chamber.
Setup-/diagnostic software included.
Factory precalibrated.
Reliable measuring:
:: in case of moved surface + foam
:: for changing medias
SIL declaration of conformity
A Approval: Non-hazardous area
B Process Temperature: -200...+400oC/-328...+752oF (HT)
K Probe: 1,200mm,rod 16mm, 316L
ASJ Process Connection: 3" 300/600lbs RF, 316/316L flange ANSI B16.5
B Power Supply; Output: 2-wire; 4-20mA SIL HART
2 Operation:4-line display VU331,Envelope curve display on site
3 Type of Probe: Remote, cable 3m,top entry
A Housing: F12 Alu, coated IP68 NEMA6P
2 cable Entry: Gland M20 (EEx d > thread M20)
A Additional Option: Basic version

Hardware Extern, Miscellaneous

To dismantle existing level transmitter and install new E+H High
Temperature Level Transmitter completes the following breakdown:-
a) To supply 3” spiral wound gasket #600
Qty – 1 set
b) To fabricate and supply & install stand for housing bracket
Qty – 1 set
c) To supply & install stud bolt M18x140mm SS304 c/w 2 nuts
Qty – 8 pcs
d) To fabricate, supply & install cable tray
Qty – 1 set
e) Man power, tools & equipment – 1 lot
f) Mobilize & Demobilize – 1 lot

Hardware Extern, Miscellaneous
1. To supply and install Flange Adaptor (4 holes to 8 holes)
2. ** Only apply for those chambers with 4 holes flange.

The work will be carry out by Endress Hauser Vendor by next week.
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