Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Offshore Oil Rigs Mechanical Completion & Commissioning, Including Construction

Rationale for this Workshop

80% of the world's rig-building market is concentrated in Singapore. Consequently, shipyards in Singapore designs and builds 60% of the rowld's jack-up oil rigs.

  • Destruction or damages done to offshore oil rigs due to sucessive hurricanes
  • Many of the current oil rigs had reached their life expectancy and required replacing
  • Recent BP oil spill - many exploration companies rush to replace their old rigs with new ones so as to meet the stricter regulations and rules governing the construction of oil rigs.

However, many of these new-build oil rig projects are delayed due to the commissioning process. Such delays are a threat to the profits of the project and often involve conflicts between the main stakeholders of the project such as:

  • The yard/factory/workshop representing the services company/vendor
  • The construction team of engineers
  • The commissioning team of engineers
  • The operations team and the coming crew of the unit or ship

Reason for Attending

  • Equips delegates with the knowledge to understand and implement efficiently the mechanical completion, commissioning and conflict resolution activities of oil rig units
  • Provide attendees with a more strategic approach to commissioning, along with numerous tools to use throughout the commissioning process
  • Through the workshop, each delegate will improve job performance by attaining
  • Better alignment of mechanical completion & commissioning process steps with stakeholder’sneeds
  • Better commissioning procedures
  • Better mechanical completion
  • Fewer disputes and claims
  • Better project outcomes
  • Essential for all involved parties to understand the entire process, keys to success and what is required of their own roles
  • All materials and exercises are particularly specific to the oil rig industry in Asia to be more relevant to the needs of the delegates
  • Content is developed from both a rig owner’s and shipbuilder’s point of view.
  • Round table discussions are also included so that delegates are actively invited to share their view

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