Monday, May 30, 2011

Process pressure: Level and pressure measurements

Measuring principle

The pressure measuring cell converting the pressure into a signal which can be evaluated electrically is the heart of the pressure transmitter. This pressure-dependent signal is converted by the integrated electronics into a standardized output signal. Different sensors are used to detect the pressure. The ceramic cell characterizes by an excellent long-term stability and high overload resistance. The metal cell covers even higher measuring ranges and use stainless steel as diaphragm material.

For all areas of industry

VEGABAR series 60

VEGABAR series 60 meets all the requirements placed on suspension pressure transmitters. Excellent measuring precision, overload resistance, temperature stability and corrosion resistance are the essential criteria that it satisfies. In conjunction with application-optimized housing versions and electronics, these suspension pressure transmitters are ideal for use in rough environments.
Especially the front-flush, abrasion resistant CERTEC® with its double seal system offers high reliability and operational safety.

For gauge measurements


These suspension pressure transmitters are designed for gauge measurement in water/waster applications. Different housing materials in combination with different cable materials offer all necessary options.

source: Vega

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