Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Generator Stator Rewedging

Generator Stator winding

Stator wedges

Stator core

Thin Layer Electrical Metal Steel

General info on stator core

The stator core has an internal diameter of 4630 mm and a length of 2250 mm. It is
built up from segmental laminations punched from high grade, cold reduced, electrical
sheet steel, which are held in the frame by dovetailed keybars. The laminations are
divided into 59 layers (packets) formed by narrow steel spacers which provide
ventilating ducts leading from the stator bore to the periphery of the core.

Stator winding

The stator winding is of the double layer lap type, each layer comprising 64
conductors (32 deep by 2 wide) and each conductor being 2.24 mm x 5.8 mm glass
laminate covered copper strip. The conductors are transposed within the slot length
to inhibit circulating currents between

Stator wedge plate layers.

The two layers (bars) are wound and packed into the open core slots. The top and
bottom bars are spaced apart by a separator and retained in the slots by wedges

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