Saturday, January 28, 2017

Honda Service After Sale 2017

I bought a new Honda Accord last year and after the discount the price was RM164k+. Service free by Honda is 6 times and altenate 10,000km. Generally each time I sent my car around RM350-RM500. Honda gave warranty up to 5 years on their engine (subject to send our car and service at their workshop).

Recently I sent my car to Honda workshop and very disappointed that they scratch my new car. I complaint to them but no action. Very sad.

My rear brake pads also need to be changed due to wear and tear as per their technician. But I am still wondering why at 30,000km the pads need to be replaced. This is 1st time that I encounter the parts replacement in premature. I asked them why but there is no good answer. It is so true I heard before this that Honda service after sale is bad.

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