Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bently Nevada BN3300 upgrade to Bently Nevada BN3500 ?

Bently Nevada BN3300 upgrade to Bently Nevada BN3500??

Which one is better? I believe that the new technology should be good and better compared with the old version. Then you should know that BN3500 far better than BN3300.

BN3300 is more traditionally used to monitor that can be optioned to interface to various control system. Still can be used to date but as per GE Bently personal this product is going to be obsolete in 2015. Bently 3300 parts production will slowly in 2013. After that they only will do the repair work instead of parts production.

But there is still option for us to whether to upgrade the BN3300,to BN3500 , buy another competitor vibration monitoring, and lastly buy with a lot of spare parts which can be last for another 20 years???

How about you guys? Which of the option should we choose? For me the answer still to option no.1. Well, we should know that BN3500 series system provides continuous online monitoring for machine protection applications. BN3500 is very capable, reliable and flexible system in market, offering numerous feature and advantages not provided in others system.

I think most of the Bently Nevada user choose this 3500 system since the track record and their good performance known worldwide.

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