Thursday, November 4, 2010

Genting Sanyen Kuala Langat Selangor

Genting Sanyen Kuala Langat

Genting Sanyen Bhd located at Kuala Langat Selangor. The power plant start operated in 1996 with capacity 808 MW. More details as below:

  • Operator: Alstom for Genting Sanyen Bhd
  • Configuration: 808-MW, 5+1 CCGT with three GT 13E2M gas turbines plus single 6001 and 5001 gas turbines, CHP
  • Operation: 1996
  • Fuel: natural gas, distillate oil
  • HRSG supplier: Alstom
  • T/G supplier: Alstom, GE
  • EPC: Alstom
In Dec 1993, Genting signed a turnkey contract for Kuala Langat and this was followed on 6 Jan 1994 by the PPA signing with TNB. First fire in the lead unit was in Nov 1994 and the three large gas turbines were in simple-cycle commercial operation by Mar 1995, after just over 24mos of construction and 3mos months ahead of schedule.

One of the GE Frame 5 machines was later replaced by a Frame 6. The three 13E machines exhaust to dual pressure HRSGs, and the GE machines exhaust to a common duct and single HRSG which is connected to a common HP header. The GE machines also serve for black-start service. Steam is used by an adjacent paper mill.


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