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Benly Nevada System One Software

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System 1® Software

System 1 Software
Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics Software Platform

Widely used across many industries, System 1 enables plant personnel to quickly identify important events, evaluate the situation, and respond, leading to increased equipment availability, reliability, and reduced maintenance costs. System 1 is GE Energy’s patented software platform for real-time optimization of equipment and selected processes, condition monitoring, and event diagnostics. Similar in concept to a process control system which allows users to understand, diagnose, and control their process conditions in real time, the System 1 platform provides this capability for the assets that drive your process.


Increased safety
A single “miss” on safety or the environment can be disastrous. Proactive capabilities mean fewer, less severe mechanical failures that could impact people and the environment.

Improved reliability and availability
Healthy assets are assets you can depend on when they are needed. Problems can be identified and dealt with early in the progression of symptoms – before they translate to expensive downtime.

Optimized maintenance costs
System 1 helps you plan maintenance by allowing you to base decisions on actual condition – so you can fix only what really needs fixing and address problems when they are small and less expensive.

Lower energy costs
Energy costs are often a plant’s single largest operating expense. System 1 helps assess and correct the conditions that waste energy.

Fewer forced outages, less lost production
Even the most expensive repair and maintenance costs are often eclipsed by the enormous costs of lost or reduced production. System 1 can generally save one or more days of lost production due to mechanical failures in the first year alone, often paying for the entire system in a single “event.”

Increased thermal efficiency/optimized heat rate
System 1 can provide the information you need to understand and correct degradations in these important parameters, and optimize the balance between energy costs, maintenance costs, and production revenues – often translating to significant financial benefits.

Increased employee productivity
In today’s “lean” environment, people are already spread too thin. Instead of using people to hunt for problems, System 1 allows your people to work on identified problems, armed with relevant information on the identified symptoms and root causes.

Move data, not people
With its remote access capabilities, System 1 can reduce travel costs, minimizing the need for people to move from place to place collecting data, and leaving them extra time for completing more meaningful activities. Data can not only be collected remotely, it can be analyzed remotely, allowing users to more easily manage assets from various locations – whether across an entire globally dispersed enterprise, or simply another process unit elsewhere in the plant.

Easier collaboration
Key information can easily be shared between all relevant parties – employees, contractors, suppliers, or consultants – in real time. Enhanced collaboration means more relevant expertise can be applied to problems for faster, better resolution.

Faster response, reduced human variance
Abnormal situations can be stressful, making it difficult for people to respond both quickly and properly. System 1 delivers Actionable Information* advisories that tell your people exactly how to respond to events – you decide in advance and embed these details right in the software. Instead of deciding how to respond, personnel can respond with predetermined actions – and at the speed your business demands.


Sophisticated alarm management
System 1 enables true “management by exception” with its sophisticated alarm handling capabilities for the entire enterprise, ensuring that only relevant events and alarms are delivered to your operations and other personnel. No more overwhelming alarm lists, nuisance alarms, and cryptic messaging with insufficient details – you control the level of attention given to each event, the type of notification, the people notified, and all other details.

Configurable data acquisition and storage resolution
Data capture can be individually configurable for each point and can be triggered by an event, by the state of another variable, by predetermined time intervals, or any combination of these parameters. “Dead band” capabilities ensure that data which is not changing within user-configurable limits for each point can be suppressed from storage – helping keep database sizes compact without missing important information and events or disrupting trend resolution.

Powerful analytic and diagnostic capabilities
Data can be manipulated and presented using an extensive library of tools and functions – data can even be exported to spreadsheets and imported again for special calculations. Advanced plot management tools – such as plot grouping – make it easy to create, save, access, and duplicate plots of common interest. Users can quickly see what happened before and after an event using intuitive “zoom in/zoom out” capabilities on plot time ranges.

Support for Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies
VPN technologies are being increasingly used by many of our customers for accessing their corporate networks via a public Internet connection – without compromising security. System 1 fully supports this technology, providing the most convenient remote access capabilities we’ve ever been able to offer.

Fully customizable displays
Just as you configure and personalize your Windows® desktop, System 1 users can individually configure their display capabilities, ensuring that only those assets and portions of the enterprise relevant to them are presented.

Enhanced IT management and support capabilities
System 1* has been designed for highly secure and robust operation without the need for extensive support from your company’s Information Technology Department, while still providing powerful tools and capabilities for them to centrally manage the PCs across your enterprise.

One database
System 1 integrates numerous data sources into a single system, reducing the need for learning and maintaining multiple systems. Portable data collectors, online wired and wireless continuous and intermittent measurement systems, manually entered data and notes, and many other data sources – all are now brought together in a single system.

Highly scalable
Your System 1 implementation can start small and build through an architecture and pricing structure that has been deliberately designed for scalability and affordability. Pay for what you need today, add what you need tomorrow.

One user interface
System 1 accepts data from multiple sources but eliminates the need for learning and navigating multiple user interface environments – providing a consistent, intuitive look and feel for viewing data and information. When you need access to external systems and user interfaces, its built-in DocuView* features provide consistent, easy-to-use access to supplementary programs, data, drawings, documents, web pages, and any other information that you can link to from your computer.

Root cause analysis
System 1 provides unrivaled root cause diagnostic capabilities by allowing users to “drill down” and examine the sequence of events leading up to a problem, analyze the data using powerful graphical and tabular presentation formats, and then document this learning, either by posting notes in the database or by generating new rules, capable of automatically analyzing future events with the same root cause.

source: GE bently nevada web

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