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Bently Nevada System One Software Applications

Bently Nevada System One Software Applications

New System 1 Bundling System 1 for Power Generation
Our new condition monitoring platform System 1 for Power Generation is a pre-licensed System 1 package (point size and interfaces) that is designed to meet the needs of power generators.
Application Packages

Application Packages provide the ability to view the plots relevant to a specific type of asset or application. There are a number of software packages available that address many of our customers' most often-requested applications.

Lubricant Analysis Data Import

Bently Nevada System 1 Lubricant Analysis Data Import Application Package allows customers to work with their existing labs to receive lubricant analysis data in a “.csv” (or Excel) format that we have defined for easy lubricant data import into System 1. Once the data is in system 1, general trending, easy correlation of lubricant analysis data with other condition monitoring data, alarm and event trigger configurations, and Decision Support rules can be performed and implemented to provide a better overall picture of machinery health and to help make better decisions regarding plant performance. Correlating lube data with other condition monitoring and process readings reduces missed failures and enables optimization of overall maintenance expenses with minimized negative impact to from an equipment failure mode.

System Extenders

System Extender modules are designed to work in conjunction with one or more types of System 1 applications, providing extended functionality applicable to a particular asset type, data collection method, or optimization task. Available System Extender modules include:

Dry Gas Seal Monitoring

The Dry Gas Seal System 1 RulePak enables customers to understand their seal health and take appropriate action ranging from “run to next outage” to “immediate shut down and repair. This new capability increases the ability to reduce process gas leakage during production runs and reduce flare events due to leakage. It also enables Condition Based Maintenance for compressor dry gas seal system and provides proactive advisories on the most common failure modes enabled at levels below control or protection alarms and trip setpoints. Additionally, machine availability is improved via more intelligent planned maintenance and fewer unexpected outages.

Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

This extender detects and reports on piping system wall thickness, enabling you to trend and mitigate degradation from corrosion and erosion. Managing wall thickness and other fixed assets presents a costly challenge to most plants. Rightrax with the System 1 platform can integrate the most critical piping and vessel assets into a condition-based maintenance program. Such a program can typically produce a one year ROI based on moving time based inspection costs to an on-line condition monitoring infrastructure and management program.

GEnyus System 1® System Extender

Combines the domain expertise derived from an installed fleet of 6,500 GE Oil & Gas reciprocating compressors, with more than 40 years of Bently™ Nevada condition monitoring experience on recips, to create a powerful package that harnesses all of this knowledge – and available in a tightly integrated component of System 1 software.

Impulse/Impact Rulepak

Traditionally, protection bands from the Bently Nevada 3500/70M monitor and threshold alarms from other 3500 monitors alert users to the problem areas within these data sets. The Impact/Impulse RulePak builds on this proven foundation to provide powerful real-time analytics on your reciprocating compressor data, integrating synchronized pressure, load, and vibration measurements.

EAM/CMMS Interfaces

Interfaces to many of today's most common maintenance management platforms including:

* SAP** R/3** plant maintenance module
* MAXIMO** system from MRO Software and others

Decision Support

Allows users to generate and maintain their own custom rules for use by System 1's standard decision support and notification capabilities.

Pre-configured rules that embed GE mechanical diagnostic expertise for specific machinery types. Individual RulePaks are available for the following:

* Steam Turbines
* Reciprocating Compressors
* Industrial Gas Turbines
* Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
* Electric Motors and others

source: GE bently nevada web
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