Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge

Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge

Why we need glycerin filled pressure gauge? What application that is using this type of pressure gauge? Normally pressure gauge is using at power plant to monitor some parameter at pumps, hydraulic system, tank gauging, process in the pipeline, steam pressure at turbine and boiler, general power plant process and many more.

Pressure Gauge without oil (glycerin filled)

The traditional pressure gauge is just to indicate the pressure of the process and they are too sensitive with condensation and vibration. That’s why nowadays we have a glycerin filled pressure gauge in the market to cater the problem.

The lifespan of glycerin filled pressure gauge compared with the standard pressure gauge is more longer because it has a fewer moving parts in the glass. The housing is filled up with viscous oil. This oil filling is beneficial to dampen pointer vibration and make sure that humid ambient air restricted to enter. As the result the water cannot be condensed and accumulate in the glass.

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