Friday, September 24, 2010

Pool Heat Exchanger

The SEC Pool Exchanger Line of heat exchangers is designed to perform at high fluid velocities with low pressure drops.It has a helical coiled tube design that makes it distinctive from other shell and tube heat exchangers on the market today. This unique design enables efficient heat transfer performance, and allows for diversity in its applications.

To maximize the performance of the Pool Exchanger Line of heat exchangers, the product should be installed in a counter-current flow method, as shown below in Figure 1 below. The hot, or heating, fluid flows through the tube side. The cold, or heated, fluid flows through the shell side.

Example: for swimming pool applications, the pool water is to flow through the shell side, and the boiler water is to flow through the tube side.

Figure 1: Pool Exchangers - pic from Pool Exchanger. Thanks

The Pool Exchanger Line come with mounting brackets to assist in their installation and ease of use.

Under no circumstances should there be any pulsating of fluids in the system, this causes vibrations that could damage the structural integrity of the pool exchanger. The system should be designed to prevent the unit from encountering pressure shocks and rapid temperature changes. - original article from this website.

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