Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

Have you ever heard this Chernobyl disaster before? Chernobyl disaster or simply popular with name 'Chernobyl' as a result of a flawed reactor design and was operated inadequately trained personal. Happened in Ukraine near the town of Pripyat, 26th April 1986.

Chernobyl was the worst accident nuclear power plant in history with 28 dies within 4 months from radiation or thermal burns; 19 have subsequently died, and there have been around nine deaths from thyroid cancer apparently due to the accident: total 56 fatalities as of 2004.
Reactor Diagram

The Effects of The Chernobyl Disaster;

- International spread of radioactivity
- Radioactive release
- Health of plant workers
Residual radioactivity in the environment
The damaged Chernobyl unit 4 reactor building

Today Chernobyl After Disaster;

- The need for future repairs
The lava (or fuel containing materials FCM)
- Degradation of the lava
- Possible consequences of further collapse of the Sarcophagus
Grass and forest fires

For more details about this nuclear power plant you can check at the Wikepedia and this World Nuclear Association.

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