Friday, February 1, 2008

Blog Summary On January 31, 2008

The first month of January 2008 had just passed. At the end of each month, I need to submit my report to my immediate supervisor. There is an official format report must be follow. I am not going to put all of my monthly reports here. But just put the summary report on this Instrumentation and Process Control blog so that you can make quick review what was happened in our Coal Fired Power Plant January 2008. This summary report does not mean the actual report for the month because some confidential parts cannot be revealed. The following list is my entry post for the entire month of January;
  1. Manjung Coal Fired 3X700 MW Power Plant on Project Description
  2. Electro Chlorination Plant Flow Switch Problem
  3. Proposal of New Waltron Sodium Analyser 9001 Series at Water Treatment Plant
  4. Purpose of Water Quality Analyser System in Power Plant
  5. Generator Stator Vibration Spikes
  6. Feed Water Tank Differential Pressure Gauge Unit and Range Change
  7. Microrec Problem
  8. Bunker Level Transmitter Faulty
  9. Washdown Water Sump Level Switch Problem
  10. Band Screen Guide Radar and Hydrostatic Level Transmitter
  11. Generator Panel Alarm on Conductivity Analyser
  12. Electro Chlorination Plant New Flow Switch Project
  13. Water Treatment Plant Acid Day Tank Magnetic Level Switch Faulty
  14. ABB Water Analyser New Purchasing List
  15. Coal Bunker Level Transmitter Problem
  16. Generator RTDs Converter To Purchase: Brand WIKA
  17. GP Joran Coal Fired Power Plant January 2008
  18. LP Heater 4 Normal Level Control Valve Diaphragm Leak
  19. Lumut Power Plant
  20. Steam Turbine
  21. Generator Hydrogen Gas Cooling System
All things that happened which I think can be put in this blog on daily work basis still continue. My blog Instrumentation and Process Control also will doing summary report on continuing monthly basis at the end or early month so that my blog readers will not miss it. Enjoy this reading!

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