Friday, February 22, 2008

Digital Temperature Transmitter

At first in my previous post I think this instrumentation device is called temperature or RTD's converter. But when I surfed the internet about this equipment, it's name 'Digital Temperature Transmitter'. Currently used at Turbine Generator area and some areas in power plant.

Digital Temperature Transmitter

- Machinery, Plant Construction
- Process Industry

Special Features
- Universal via Window PC
- Isolation voltage 1500VAC between sensor and current loop
- Signalling configurable for sensor burnout and sensor short circuiting

Designation of terminal connectors

Connection of Programming Unit PU348


On the accessories, I found that there is one configuration software which need to be ordered separetely by enduser. My specification required for this instrumentation device is;

Pt100 3/L/f
DC 9....36V
4 to 20 mA
0.... 160 degree C

How to order? If this device need to be configured first, we need also the software configurator.

More details, you can visit WIKA website.

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