Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Handphone - Nokia 2100

Currently I use this handphone on daily basis. It is already one year I used this Nokia 2100. Even this handphone is cheap and very simple compared which existing in the market with various function and latest technology, my Nokia 2100 gave me no problem at all since I bought it last year.

Nokia 2100 Specification
- Monochrome Graphic
- Monophonic
- Phonebook 100
- Standard Li-on 720Ah Battery

I am sure most of my colleagues already change their own hanphone with the sophisticated and the latest technology. Camera, GPRS, 3G, polyphonic, great audio and etc. Me? I might thinking of it but at the same time I will not spend unwisely just to get a new one. Haha... In the future post, I will consider to write about the latest technology handphone which can be reviewed by my readers. Enjoy!

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