Thursday, January 17, 2008

ABB Water Analyser Urgently Required

Below is the list for the spares that need urgently reorder today;

Chloride PCB Assembly ABB 8234
ABB 8230-130

Chloride Electrode ABB 8234
ABB 8234-150

Silica Magnetic Stirrer Bar- Mixer Block ABB 8241
ABB 0217-321

Silica Drain Pinch Valve ABB 8241
ABB 0234-021

Silica Photocell Housing Assembly Measuring ABB 8241
ABB 8241-158

Silica Temperature Sensor Assy. For Reaction Block ABB 8241
ABB 8240-124

Silica Pump Motor Assembly 50HZ-Terminated ABB 8241
ABB 8240-103

Silica 2-Stream Out-Put Board ABB 8241
ABB 8240-265

Spare Replacement Conductivity Transmitter ABB 4620
ABB 4620-500

DO2 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
ABB 9435-300

Sodium Electrode Cable Assembly ABB 8037
ABB 1431-875

Condenser Hotwell Conductivity Sensor
Specification: K=0.1
ABB 2085-405

All of this spares are zero stock at our store and urgently required.
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