Monday, January 7, 2008

Electrochlorination Plant (ECP) Flow Switch

Called by operation to check ECP no.1 flow switch failed at stream A. From operation feedback, ECP No 1 tripped on no flow on stream A. Operation tried putting ECP No 1 in service early morning today. It could be the following:-

1. Flow switch faulty. Based on our discussion our instrument team (C&I) worked on the flow switch last Saturday.

2. Actual no flow due to wrong isolation, clogging of the inlet pipe, clogging of the outlet pipe.

Permit issued and found switch spring disconnected. Repair the spring and fixing back the switch. Waiting operation to test run. Currently we are lack of this flow switch type and need to reorder. The specification and the photo as below:

Electrochlorination Plant (ECP) Flow Switch

Flotech Flow switch
Model = V8
Supply :125/250 VAC , 5 A
Manufacturer : Dwyer Intruments INC.
Michigan City, Indiana, USA

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