Saturday, January 5, 2008

Combustion Air Flow

Even today is Saturday, I am going to my office to finish some paper work which need to be submitted end of next week. Also get bored at home and need to do better things. I am not posting my work for today, but this data or report is contributed by my colleague.

Regarding of the fluctuating right hand side (RHS) combustion air flow, minor leak was found at air inlet continuous air purge. Some action has been taken to clear the defect.

Action taken:

1) Search the leakage using snoopy. Found as per picture above.

2) Tighten all fittings or connections from sensing line to transmitter manifold.

3) Also tighten the leak parts unfortunately the leakage still exist. The only way to do is dismantle the purge air flow regulator seems that the origin fittings of flow regulator doesn't fitted very well with the white tape.

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