Friday, January 11, 2008

Feed Water Tank Pressure Transmitter Bar Absolute

This morning I got another email complaint on our instrumentation field device about Feedwater Tank Pressure Transmitter:

"I have been highlighting the Unit 1 Feedwater Tank Pressure Transmitters (01LAA11CP501A/B/C) since December 25th. The transmitters should read Bars Absolute but have been set to Bars Gauge. This means that the FWT Pressure Control operates at 2.7 barg (3.7 bar abs) instead of 1.7 barg (2.7 bar abs).

Please use this opportunity to correct this defect."

Actually it was already 5 years the pressure transmitter range mode in bar gauge for all three unit in our Coal Fired Power Plant and nobody highlighted this issue before. The original range is 0 to 15 bars gauge. Then when to change to absolute mode the range become -1.013 to 13.987 bars absolute. Job done and the reading left as 1.4 bars absolute as per mimic picture.

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