Monday, January 21, 2008

Microrec Alarm Came Back

Last week, we already attended the Microrec alarm defect but the alarm came again on last Saturday morning.

- Protection Fault 01MAY10EU249XC8

- Calculated Trip Test Fault 01MAY10EU276XC9

- Protection Test Fault 01MAY10EU281XC9

As we are aware the fault alarms were triggered during the microrec self test (every 24 hours) which involved the opening and closing of all the dump valves. Therefore it is very likely that the fault has to do with the speed of valve opening and closing or open and close switches make contact.

Look like it requires adjustment on the dump valves during outage to permanently clear the alarms.

My suggestion: While the unit is still in service we will reset the alarm before valve freedom test.

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