Monday, March 10, 2008

ABB's Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer

I got this information from the ABB's saleman. He sent to me an email recently about this new product water analyser;

A silica analyzer that uses 90 percent less reagent than alternative devices and requires a fraction of the annual maintenance – ABB’s supremely user-friendly Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer is taking the world of power plants by storm.

ABB's Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer

The response of the power generation industry to ABB’s Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer has been emphatically positive, with more than 100 units ordered in the first few weeks of the product's entry into the market.

“It is immediately evident to everyone who sees it that the Navigator 600 is a complete breaks with existing devices and technologies that measure and monitor silica concentration.”

“At every launch there’s been a palpable sense of expectancy and excitement,” says Kieron McCann, ABB’s global product manager for liquid analyzers from his base in the United Kingdom.

To date the Navigator 600 has been released in
Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North and South America.

“Sales have been strong in all regions, which suggests that the Navigator 600 is well timed, well priced and well featured,” says McCann.

Combining simplicity of design and ease of use with advanced functionality, Navigator 600 stands out on many fronts.

  • It uses up to 90 percent less reagent than competitors’ devices
  • Maximum availability – it requires only 2-3 minutes routine maintenance a year compared to the 15-60 minutes a month of other analyzers
  • Provides a choice between continuous monitoring for critical applications and programmed sampling for less critical, whereas other analyzers offer only sample analysis
  • Complete communications capability – web- and ftp-enabled (file transfer protocol) - for easy data file access, remote viewing and configuration.

Navigator 600 is designed to monitor silica levels in demineralization plants and power plant boiler systems, where silica can create scale that is difficult to remove and cause severe wear and tear that eventually leads to costly shutdowns.

The device’s display module is based on ABB’s award-winning Screen Master 500F platform of user-friendly video graphic data recorders which, according to Control Engineering magazine, “sets a new standard in paperless recorders.”

Reagent and maintenance are by far the two largest costs for power plants in silica analysis.

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