Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blog Summary On 29th March 2008

It's time for me to do summary on this Goodbye February 2008 and welcome March 2008. Meaning that my weblog already 2 months old. The following list is my entry post for entire month of February 2008, hoping that my blog readers will not miss my posts;

- Power-Gen Asia Conference and Exhibition 21-23 October 2008
- New Pressure Gauge to be fitted at the Condenser Inlet Pipe
- Endress Hauser Cerabar M PMP48
- Trial Instrumentation at the Electrochlorination Plant
- New Canon Digital Camera Ixus 960
- Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
- Portable pH Calibrator
- Beamex MC5 Fieldbus Calibrator
- Boiler Function Block
- Turbine Function Block
- Heat Exchanger
- Hydroponic pH Meter Application
- Digital Temperature Transmitter
- Beautiful Night Scene at Coal Fired Power Plant
- Nokia 2100
- Arizona Solar Power Plant
- Introduction to Coal Fired Power Plant

Compared with the January posts, February is less because I am on leave about one week. Went back to my hometown during Chinese New Year. I'll try my best to post some new category this month in this weblog. Hope you will enjoy. And one more thing is your suggestion are welcome to improve my blog. Thanks.

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