Sunday, March 23, 2008

Druck 1830 Level Pressure Sensor at The Sodium Hypochloride Tank

On last Friday, I went around power plant to check some instrumentations. This sodium hypochloride tank actually located behind the ECP and it's a part of the chlorine process. We have two hypochloride tank in our power plant and the tanks are parallel. Meaning that the level should be the same level except the operators close the equalize valve.

PTX 1830 Druck Level Sensor

This is the original level sensor that we have at the hypochloride tank. The range is 10mH2O g. No isolating valve was installed to the level sensor which cause us problem to change during tank in operating.

Foxboro Pressure Transmitter

While this is another option that we used to replace the faulty level sensor. This is only temporary but currently it is also not available or cannot be used because the application is not suitable with strong chlorine which caused the damaged to diaphragm.

I am not so sure about the specification and I will try find it later. So don't forget to come back to know more about this transducer.

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