Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thermo Ramsey Granuflow Detector GTR 130

The Thermo Ramsey Granuflow non-contact flow sensor ideally for monitoring flow in pipeline, ducts, air-slides, and at transfer points of vibrating chutes, conveyor belts and bucket elevators. Currently used at the SO3 Injection System (Boiler Side) in our coal fired power plant to monitor sulfur dosing.

Thermo Ramsey Granuflow Detector GTR 130

The GTR 130 sensor has no moving mechanical parts. This eliminates wear of the sensor and makes the instrument maintenance and trouble-free.

Details Specification:

: Flow Switch
System : SO3 Injection System (Boiler Side)
Model : Granuflow GTR 130
Maker : Thermo Ramsey
Input volatage : 20-30 V AC/DC Relay contact (NO)
Rating max: 250 V 4A

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