Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Solid Radar Level Transmitter Vegapuls 68

A coal processing power plant always create problems during coaling to the bunker. The main problem that normally happened on our instrumentation field device is a difficulty to monitor coal bunker level when coaling or during receiving unprocessed coal to the bin either the level will fluctuating or just static at the certain level. The ultrasonic signal or any wave will affected by surface angle, air turbulence, temperature and spray dust. Therefore the reading will unstable for the sometimes. The accuracy of the coal bunker level reading should be very reliable to enable operator monitor the available capacity for the next tripper car bunkering. Do you all facing this problem in your coal fired power plant? The instrumentation guys should be a responsible person due to this problem. Haha... How do you tackle this problem?

Solid Radar Level Transmitter Vegapuls 68

This very sensitive narrow focused microwave beam Vega radar level transmitter using 'horn antenna' is unaffected by spray dust, air movement, temperature and vapors.

- Using microwave pulse
- Beam angle 22, 18, 10 and 8 degree
- Pressure 40 bars
- Temperature until 200 degree C
- Up to 70 meter application
- 2 wire 4...20mA/HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus electronics

Horn Antenna

The microwaves are radiated to the horn antenna via a PTFE cone in the antenna junction and focused in the direction of the product surface. The inflected antenna rim ensures low antenna noise and thus high sensitivity at close range. Please refer Vega website.
- Power plant as coal ash or fly ash
- Building material as cement, gravel and sand
- Food industry as sugar, flour, rice and grain
- Steel production as blast furnace, molten iron and coal

The non-contact radar level transmitter can save maintenance and service cost, increase sensor lifetime and can be more reliable. This entry post just to share with you all on how we as instrumentation technician reduce the problem that frequently happened. In the future, I will post why the old level transmitter can give a lot of problem to us. Therefore make sure you will come back and not miss the post. Thanks...

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