Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific SX40

It is already more than one month after I posting about this simple Flow Switch at the Electrochlorination Plant. Then it failed for a few times which we need to do the repeat order the old flow switch even though it is easily damaged by strong chemical or specifically chlorine. Last week one of OEM parts and specialize about this product do the testing. Currently it has shown positive signal meaning that the thing can work there.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Polysonic SX40
"The Polysonics SX40 is a dedicated Doppler flowmeter which utilizes a patented digital signal processing technique to determine the flow of liquids that contain particulate or air bubbles. The meter incorporates clamp-on sensors which are easily installed for sludge management in sewage treatment plants and industrial applications such as slurry and effluent monitoring."
Product details:
"The Hydra SX40 is designed as a permanently installed flow meter. Its large backlit graphics display provides excellent visibility even in poorly lit environments. As well as flow rate and flow total, a flow trend is available to quickly analyze flow over a period of time. This is especially useful for analyzing pump cycling activity. Standard outputs include 4-20mA, RS232 serial interface and up to four programmable relays. The flow meter also incorporates a 90,000-point data logger."
We will test this product for a whole month to make sure that this kind of new proposal instrumentation or transducer can be worked in the very corrosive environment.

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