Monday, March 10, 2008

Fisher Controls Air Filter Regulator 67CFR-225

"The 67C Series regulators are typically used to provide constantly controlled, reduced pressures to pneumatic and electropneumatic controllers and other instruments. These direct-operated regulators are suitable for most air or gas applications. Other applications include providing reduced pressures to air chucks, air jets, and spray guns."

Fisher Controls Air Filter Regulator 67CFR-225


Description : Air Filter Regulator with pressure gauge
Brand : Fisher Controls
Type : 67CFR-225
Max Supply : 250 psig (17.2 barg)

: 0 ~ 60 psig (0 ~ 4.1 barg)

67C Series Instrument Supply Regulators:
- Design for Digital Instrumentation
- Optional Smart Bleed Construction
- Optional Stainless Steel Construction
- Compact and light weight
- No air loss
- Easy maintenance
- Optional Integral Filter
- Optional internal Relief Valve
- Rugged construction

As part of instrumentation field device, we will purchase around 300++ air filter regulator complete units together with the pressure gauge to stock up the store balance.

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